Sunday, February 19, 2012

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest 2012 Sneak Peek Video!

Club Penguin posted a new video on their YouTube channel. It's a sneak peek tour for the Rockhopper's Quest party!

SECRET: When the video turns black, keep watching, it's not over! There's extra hidden footage!

So it seems like at Rockhopper's Quest we'll be able to set sail on a adventure inside the Migrator! But the end of the video looks very mysterious...

Rockhopper's Quest cheats will be posted on February 24, 2012.



  1. Hello, Cena12121! I just wanted to tell you: your blog is great!
    By the way, I send you a friend request on Club Penguin and you didn't accept. My penguin name is Teodorutza.
    Waddle on! ;)

  2. wow i cant wait on the boat now how do u speed up and how long does it take to get there

  3. cena12121 i really want to meet you plz go on alaska at 5:00