Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Club Penguin Introduces New Mascot: PH!

Tomorrow, March 15 will be the first in-game appearance of Club Penguin's newest character, PH, the Puffle Handler!

Here's a sneak peek of PH from Happy77.

PH first appeared in 2008 as the secret agent's puffle trainer in the Nintendo DS game Elite Penguin Force.

Here are PH's characteristics and cool facts:

  • PH was the color peach in the DS game, but now she is brown.
  • She helped to redesign the Pet Shop.
  • Favorite Item: Puffle Whistle
  • Favorite Food: O'berries
  • Favorite Game: Puffle Paddle

We'll be tracking PH during the Puffle Party! Be sure to check us out!



  1. Since they dont have a stamp for her now its weird but if they have it later on i will get so mad...
    But i am so exited for the party! its going to be a blast. usually i get tired of a party really quickly but ik this will be fun!! Cant Wait!! :)

  2. how can u guys see what the party will look like even though it didnt start?!

  3. I hope we get to go in that room!!

  4. My penguins name is Funglish. I have never been a member, I bought one once but it didnt work :( If anyone wants to buy me one, feel free!!!!!!! That would be awesome! I will be your penguins best friend. SERIOUSLY if you feel like spending some money and you already have a membership. Get me one please I will LOVE YOU!!

  5. it is hard to get there trust me

  6. I'm newyork217! Add me!
    P.S. I have tried loads of trackers but NONE worked!