Friday, March 16, 2012

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Cheats!

Bring your puffles out to play -- the 2012 Puffle Party has begun!

Everyone can get this free Polka Dot Puffle Hat. It's located at the Town, Plaza, and Puffle Show.

Go to the Mine Shack and to get the free Leprechaun Hat.

Go to the Puffle Show and click the camera to get the free First Prize Puffle background

Go to the Puffle Play room to get the free Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat for your PUFFLE!.

Puffle Show: This year, everyone can enter the Puffle Show! Go to the Ski Village and enter the tent.

Puffle Play: This a new room! Go to the Ski Village and enter the Ski Lodge.

Your in the Puffle Play room. However, a even cooler room awaits for members. Enter the Puffle Play Zone!

Select one of your puffles and you transform into them!

Rooftop: Members, go to the Dance Club, go upstairs to the Dance Lounge and enter the elevator to go to the Rooftop!

Puffle Feeding: Members and non-members, head to the Snow Forts and enter the pathway to play the Puffle Feeding game now!

Throw O-Berries at the puffles feed them.

  • Bring your puffle along and all the balloons will change color!
  • The Dance Lounge menus changes every 5 minutes!
  • Each puffle has their own room! Here are all the puffle rooms:
Brown Puffle- Dance Lounge
Orange Puffle- Box Dimension
White Puffle- Mountain
Red Puffle- Cove
Blue Puffle- Forest
Green Puffle- The Beacon
Yellow Puffle- Lighthouse
Purple Puffle- Night Club
Pink Puffle- Ice Berg
Black Puffle- Underground Pool

Fantastic party! It's bigger and better than last year's! And the new party rooms are awesome! What's your favorite party? Click here and tell me!



  1. Hey Cina12121! Can we have some cheats on how to get the Giant puffle costume? Thanks!! :)

    P.S. Add me on CP, Cena!!! (I'm Ktbug120) :) <3

  2. i met ph!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You can get the giant puffle costume at the puffle play zone. There is a book on the table. When you click on it it lets you pick your color.

  4. I am so sorry Cena I didn't see the no like writing. But still thanks Cena.

  5. you just go to the puffle zone and click the catologe

  6. add me evryone im 5g h (i love you)

  7. my favourite party is the painting party.

  8. my favourite party is the painting party:)

  9. how do you get a white puffle to show up in feed a puffle?

  10. Where DO You Get The Giant Puffle Outfit?

  11. this is for members only!!!! im mad!!!!