Thursday, March 15, 2012

Club Penguin Costume Trunk Catalog Cheats: Quest for the Golden Puffle!

A new Costume Trunk catalog is out at the Stage along with the new Quest for the Golden Puffle play! Here are the hidden item cheats.

To find the Crook and Flail:

Step 1. Go to page 1.
Step 2. Click on the golden puffle.

For more Club Penguin catalog cheats, click here.



  1. can you show codes for everyone like mmcode11 mmcode12 and mmcode13 freehod pumpkin1?

  2. Cool. That would help with my costume (whatever it is).
    ~Kaoru M.
    Thanks Cena12121!

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for showing me another cheat!
    The Team Club Penguin Cheats is so so epic!
    You rock my socks!
    From ~ Kaoru M.