Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest Item: Life Vest!

Club Penguin has replaced the Crew Cap item with a free Life Vest! To get it, go to the Beach.

That's cool! I only wish it could be a new item.

Click here for Rockhopper's Quest cheats.



  1. I wanted to get the crew hat but I was so disappointed to find out there was the life vest instead... :(

  2. :D AWSESOME, Oh Cena, something VERY important, Toast With Butter (your mod) found many cp cheats that you didnt post, Go to beacon, look at telescope, theres a red light, another cheat, go to ShipWreck Island and look where lightning strikes, you'll see Rh Island, Another one, theres a bug at the trading center in the first island, the cannon that shoots doesnt work, and another awesome cheat/glitch while walking change a hand item and you hover, Toast_With_Butter found ALL this. Thanks for the free item cheat ;D Waddle On Cena12121

    -Luigi Bro2

  3. Cena,what do u mean u wish it could be a new item? do u mean u wish they never made them in 2007? im sure u already know about this but theres new animations! arent they sweet? im the guy on your buddy list named stub990.

  4. Bad for us,rare penguins...

  5. In the dojo you can see ninjas on the top window

  6. Rockhopper vest? That's cool! :)