Thursday, April 26, 2012

Club Penguin "Ruby and the Ruby" Play Cheats April 2012 | Roundy Ruby Pin Cheats

The Club Penguin "Ruby and the Ruby" play has returned to the Stage!

At this play, penguins can become into detectives and help search for the missing Ruby!

Speaking of the Ruby, you can get the hidden Round Ruby pin right only during this play.

Here's how:

Step 1. Click on the file cabinet.

Step 2. Click on the trash can.

Step 3. Click on the book.

Step 4. Click on the vase.

Step 5. Click on the painting.

Step 6. After the painting drops, click on the safe.

Step 7. Click on the Round Ruby pin!

You've now found the Round Ruby pin!

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  1. I just found the ruby now!

  2. Hey cena12121 there's a new code its "UFOMASKE" and "UFOANZUG"

  3. Are you sure is this correct cause I couldn't click the book.

  4. I got it there are two books

  5. cena i got the round ruby pin but the round ruby is not like that

  6. cena i really want to meet you please go on sleet at the dock, oh and it really works

  7. Cena, I already did it MORE THAN FOUR TIMES. And I CAN'T...

  8. hey cena thanks for the codes do you have any more please post them

  9. cena12121 on the puffle trouble vid on the scene with lots of puffles ther is a purple puffle with a tail and ears take a look now

  10. Hey Cena! Thanks for the cheat! By the way, maybe you should change the pic of the ruby because it changed.

  11. Thx but this is a difrent pin BUT THX DOLL