Thursday, June 28, 2012

Club Penguin Fourth of July Fireworks!

Club Penguin has added fireworks to the island to celebrate Fourth of July and Canada Day!

You can see the fireworks from the Ski Hill...

...or at the Ice Berg!

I think Club Penguin should make these fireworks only red, white, and blue. Just to be a bit different from the same New Years fireworks. And instead of having puffle shaped fireworks, they should make US and Canada flag fireworks! Isn't that a cool idea?



  1. CNA! i saw you today! It was AWESOME! you rock my socks!

    Your biggest fan

  2. Hi Stub990! It was great meeting you aswell! Sorry I didn't have enough time to chat, I was busy posting these posts!

    See you around,


  3. its ok that you didnt have time to chat. i know you were busy. (:

  4. I think a Fourth of July party would be great!I'm not from the USA but Americian styled clothes and iggys would be awesome!

  5. Those fireworks were amazing