Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Club Penguin Party Update! "News" Video!

The Club Penguin Australian team has created a new video on the Club Penguin YouTube channel!

The "news anchor" is reporting the latest news, and tells us that the Super Hero Takeover party will be extended for another whole week!

The Club Penguin team has set up "meet Aunt Arctic" mini-parties! You can meet Aunt Arctic on June 29 in server Deep Freeze at 4pm AEST, 4pm PDT, and 4pm BST!

Haha, another great video Club Penguin team!

Click here for Super Hero Takeover party cheats.



  1. Dear Cena12121,

    May you please figure out what time the party is on P.S.T ?

    Thank you!

    -Shawdow Guy1

  2. Guys we can meet AA 3 times here I posted the time for US time zones.
    4pm AEST-Friday 11:00PM PST, Saturday 12:00AM
    MST, Saturday 1:00AM CST, Saturday 2:00AM EST.
    4pm PDT-Friday 4:00PM PST, Friday 5:00PM MST, Friday 6:00PM CST, Friday 7:00PM EST.
    4pm BST-Friday 8:00AM PST, Friday 9:00AM MST, Friday 10:00AM CST, Friday 11:00AM EST

  3. That's AWESOME! It's gonna be so full, but I'll try to get in for the BST Party. Thanks for tellin' us!

  4. Thanks for converting all the time zones, Hotwheels999! You've made it much easier for everyone!


  5. First Party:

    4 PM PDT, 5 PM MDT, 6 PM CDT, 7 PM EDT – All Times Friday (Deep Freeze)

    4 PM BST, 8 AM PDT, 9 AM MDT, 10 AM CDT, 11 AM EDT – All Times Friday (Deep Freeze)

    4 PM EDT, 1 PM PDT, 2 PM MDT, 3 PM CDT – All Times Friday (Deep Freeze)

    What is BST, PDT, MDT, CDT, or EDT?

    BST is British Time, the S is for Standard. British time is equivalent to the Greenwich time zone. It is 8 hrs ahead of PDT, 7 hrs ahead of MDT, 6 hrs ahead of CDT, and 5 hrs ahead of EDT.

    PDT is Pacific Daylight Time, and follows as for the states:

    California, most of Oregon except for the more Eastern parts, Washington, Northern Idaho, Nevada

    It is 2 hours ahead of the Hawaiian time zone, 1 hr behind MDT, 2 hrs behind CDT, and 3 hrs behind EDT.

    MDT is Mountain Daylight Time. This is probably a reference to the abundance of mountains in the area.

    It is +1 hrs of the PDT, and use math to figure out (-1 of the CDT and -2 of the EDT). Go figure.


    Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Southern Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Southwestern North Dakota, Western South Dakota, Western Nebraska, and extremely Western Kansas (it's mostly bathed in CDT)

    I think I'm too tired now...

  6. Haha! I made it to the BST Party! She was there for like 50 minutes. And funnily she returned to the Server like 10 Minutes after she left, and after that she did the same again. I was working with a friend of mine and his sis! She remembered a tip AA gave us during her visit: 'I'll be back sooner or later'!!

  7. Will there be times to meet Aunt Arctic on Saturday,June 30th?