Thursday, June 21, 2012

Team Club Penguin Cheats FAN ART!

While Club Penguin is running a bit behind on releasing today's updates, I've decided to share some fan art submitted to us by readers like you!

This hand drawn fan art is by Serafin10 (yes, my birthday was a few days ago!). Thanks Serafin10!

This cool graphic is by Ashley. Nice art skills!

This funny drawing is by Waterskid125. Haha yup, that would be my puffle if they had red puffle bandanas!

And this is one of my all time favorites! This igloo is all decked-out with my name in flames and my penguin made from puffle beds! Fantastic Lula!

Click the picture to view full screen:

I've collected some of these over the time, and some of them where recent. Would you guys like to see some more fan art on the site?

If you want to submit your own fan art, you can do so by tweeting me the picture, posting a comment with the image link, or by emailing it to us!



  1. Thanks for putting my drawing on your site dudee! :D


  2. I couldn't see your picture in puffle beds...

  3. Haven't been Commenting on this SIte for ages!! I guess I'm back Cena! BTW sorry for not being there and congratulating for your birthday. Just so it happens that I congratulate now! HAPPY B-DAY!!! How old are you?

  4. Wow! Awesome! Some people has really good art skills... and Drawing Skills xD ;)