Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Club Penguin August 2012 Upcoming Events!

Here's a sneak peek for some August 2012 upcoming events!

Saa-weet. The pictures are centered around the Adventure Party, which will take place in August.

Picture #1: It looks like an underground room or a party room.
Picture #2: Most likely a clothing catalog sneak peek.
Picture #3: Herbert? What is he up too now?!

August seems as an okay month... personally I thought more events would happen because a lot of kids are on summer break.

In other news, Club Penguin has introduced a new employee which will help them around the blog and post UK news. Her name is Daffodaily5.

Tell me what you see in the August sneak peek by posting a comment!



  1. im Destiny4698 someone told me theres a water party comeing up is there :)

  2. i think pic 1 is the snow dojo

  3. Dude you got the 2012 wrong at the top...
    you wrote 2011!

  4. maybe herbert has been found and dragged to shore

  5. What I hate the most on Club Penguin is that the biggest and coolest parties are mostly in July, which really stinks because most of us are in vacation/not using the computer so we keep missing them. I suggest they should take it easy by adding a small party in July and focus on other small parties.

  6. Hey Cena You accidentally did 2011 instead of 2012