Thursday, July 19, 2012

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 Party Cheats

The music has been turned up on the Club Penguin island as the "Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam" party has begun! Here's all the cheats and tips you'll need.

Free items are not laying around the island, instead there's a new daily challenge game that rewards you with prizes. Click on the purple check button to open it.

There are four days to collect four different prizes.

With each prize comes a different challenge as well.

For the Purple Boom Box (prize for Day 1), you must wear the boom box, go to the Forest, Cove, and Mine Shack, and dance on the purple mats.

You then earn another prize! Cool right?

Head to the Snow Forts and click the "MERCH" stand to open the Ultimate Jam catalog.

To find the Giant White Sunglasses:

Step 1. Go to page 1.
Step 2. Click on the middle light.

To find the Snare Drum and Drum Sticks:

Step 1. Go to page 2.
Step 2. Click on the 6th light.

At the Snow Forts there's a timer that countdowns to Cadence and Penguin Band's concert!

Every 20 minutes, they arrive in this concert room.

Cadence plays her song "The Party Starts Now" as the Penguin Band play the music. You can also earn all their stamps!

Members, you can enter the VIP Room.

Aarriibbaaa! Here, you can can party Latino-style! You can join a "Conga Line"! To enter the Casa Fiesta, just go to the Ski Village.

This room is for extreme party penguins! You can enter it from the Dance Lounge. Plus, I heard Cadence loves to hang out here.

Go to the Light House and click the music box to open the Music Catalog.

Penguin Band, DJ Cadence, and Rocky & CeCe are waddling the island! Use our trackers to find them!

Click here for our Penguin Band tracker.
Click here for our DJ Cadence tracker



  1. hay cena can you come to my huge bday party

    server crystal
    time 7:00 pst (tommorow)
    place iceberg

    its your choice to come i would LOVE IT if you came i have 24 people coming but you cena can make it 25...and thanks for the cheats

  2. Wow good Place I Just want COINZ

  3. Thanks that was really awesome , Espicially ,( Did i spell that right?) The giant sunglasses!!!!!!!!1

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  5. Thanks for the Ultimate Jam cheats

  6. Hey Cena. Do you know how to walk on the high part in Backstage?

  7. I wish this year, there were headphones. The best are purple ones.
    Good job Cena