Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Club Penguin 3,000 Coins & Blue Tracksuit CODES!

It's free Club Penguin codes time! We got brand new codes that we would like to share. Go to Unlock Items Online to start unlocking.

To get the free Blue Tracksuit, enter this code: DSKYRIDE.

Now there are also three codes, each worth 1,000 coins!

To get the first free 1,000 coins, enter this code: PINKDOJO.

To get the second free 1,000 coins, enter this code: KEYBOARD.

To get the third free 1,000 coins, enter this code: DRUMROLL.

Enjoy your free 3,000 coins and your new tracksuit!



  1. Here are the new Club Penguin coins Codes:

    COFFEE12 – 500 coins
    TOMATO22 – 500 coins
    THEWALLS – 500 coins

  2. Yay more codes!!!

  3. thanks cena12121! you're the best and could you friend me on cp? i'll be on flurry.

  4. Military challenge coins
    I have seen many posts but never seen like it thanks for share and just keep up the good work.

  5. The coin codes were awesome. Thanks Cena12121

  6. I got locked out for 45 minutes because i typed 5 things in incorrectly