Thursday, July 26, 2012

NEW Club Penguin Igloo Features Released!

Penguins should head to their igloos right now and take a look at all the updated and new igloo features!

Start off by clicking the igloo edit button.

The igloo editing menu will come up. You can set your igloo open to everyone or just your friends. You can also see how many "LIKES" your igloo has.

Click the "Edit" button to add furniture to your igloo.

This is the new editing interface. You can now save all the floors you buy (yes! no more waisting coins), and the newest features: igloo backgrounds! You can buy igloo bakgrounds from the Igloo Catalog.

You can also create and save three different igloos. Just click the "+" button.

I think these updates are much needed (and about time too). These updates will provide a better igloo experience to all penguins!

Your thoughts? Tell me in the comments.



  1. How do you open your igloo with this new igloo system?

  2. OMG these updates are sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!! P.S. I met rocky and cece today on server rocky road! They both added me! P.P.S ill u please answer my friend requests I hav met u 4-5 times and u still won't add me. :(
    thanks- from Wingred (ur biggest fan!)

  3. I like the new updates but in certain igloos the bar where all of your items are stored you can't see behind it therefore you can't see the wall and where you are going to put the item. Other than that everything is really cool! The new locations was a good idea and I like the how you can keep the floor style.
    -a club penguin user

  4. WOWEE! That's great. Did they give us any hints it would be coming out right now? Last thinbg I remember hearing about this is Happy77's video about the new Igloo Features coming up...

  5. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hello cena12121. im stub990. i havnt been able to post comments lately. anyway, i went to your igloo and liked it!

    Your Biggest Fan,

  7. Your igloo looks awesome Cena12121