Monday, July 9, 2012

"The Party Starts Now" iTunes Release Date Announced!

Mark your calenders, Club Penguin's song, "The Party Starts Now", will be available to download on iTunes on July 17.

Club Penguin gave this info out in a tweet.

The downloadable song will be a extended version of the track. It's unknown though if you have to pay to download it.

Click here to listen to "The Party Starts Now".



  1. I don't like that they changed the book room, I feel like the coffee shop is an odd place for the HQ of the Penguin Times. That and they took away a nice quiet room in CP where you could sit without being barraged with advertisements. That would have been better suited at say the mine shack over the 'recycling' facility. I am, however, extremely excited about the Igloo updates and hope they come soon. I also hope they do something similar with the player card ;).

  2. Hey Cena did u notice that at
    that the DJ penguin is grey and that in "The Party Start's now" at 0:37 there is a grey penguin dancing. Nothing too important but maybe another thing to look forward to at the new Music Jam party.