Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Lane Merrifield LEAVING Club Penguin!

JUST IN: Lane Merrifield (Billybob), the owner and one of the creators of Club Penguin, is leaving!

According to Lane, he wants to work on new projects. This is a letter he sent out to all the Club Penguin workers:

"To my friends at Disney:

Five years ago our little company joined Disney and I had no idea then what an amazing adventure it would turn out to be. Since that time, I have had the privilege of working alongside and learning from so many of you and the joy of creating great products together. I appreciate the opportunity and the faith this company placed in me and the ways it has allowed me to grow both as a leader and as a person. I am also grateful for the countless memories this company has created for me and my family. Our team has grown Club Penguin from a simple idea to being the largest global virtual world for kids for seven straight years while maintaining a significant profit margin. I am incredibly proud to have been a part of Club Penguin, and I know that it will continue to grow and thrive.

Like many entrepreneurs though, there comes a time when the desire to create something new outweighs the comfort of what’s known and for me that time has come.

Over the past year, I’ve invested in a new educational startup called FreshGrade that focuses on creating mobile cloud-based assessment software for teachers and students and it has reached a place where more of my time is needed. We started Club Penguin in order to enhance our children’s online experience and now I hope to do the same with their educational experience.

Thank you for the role you’ve played in my journey and I truly hope that even though my business card may change, my friendship with so many of you will not.

With gratitude,
I'm going to need some time to take this in; Lane has been the face of Club Penguin ever since I've started playing the game.

The question now is, who's going to be taking is place?

Post a comment to tell me your reaction and answer the question above.

—Cena12121, Team Club Penguin Cheats


  1. It's Ps2dude87, I think Happy77 will take over.

  2. At least Disney will go away!


  4. This is so sad that Lane is quitting :'( but if I were to choose who would deserve to take Lane's place, I would choose Happy77. Ive known Happy77 since I joined Club Penguin. I just hope Club Penguin doesn't change to much when Lane is gone. Waddle On Cena12121!

    -Luigi Bro2

  5. Man it makes me sad that Lane is leaving, but i hope he enjoys whatever he is planning on working on now. Also YOU WERE ABLE TO ADD HIM! Lucky... ~Skull Burger

  6. I know who is taking over
    He is being replaced by a well-regarded Disney veteran of 10 years, Chris Heatherly, according to a person knowledgeable of the changes who is not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. Heatherly originally designed toys for the company before moving to its digital games division.

  7. Founder of CP quitting?Jee happy77 is loking good for the space!(Maybe Cena might take over thumbs up ;)

    ps plz add me on cp name millylouise

  9. hi!this is so sad :( cena come to yo chat sometimes!im ALWAYS THERE!make new mods! :) -black eyed ninja xat name sukia3 cp name

  10. aww ~Bluong14 add me :3

  11. Polo Field and Businesmoose will take his place

  12. Why would Lane quit?

    He has been a great worker for cp!

    but I'm guessing Happy77 will take Lane's place

    Penguin name: Sonictroid

  13. Happy77 & billybob is quitting.... D:

  14. Oh, Spike Hike is now reporting, be happy!!!
    Even Polo Field and Buissnesmoose (idk how to spell it XD)are reporting be VERY happy!

    Cena, be excited now, everythings good!!!