Thursday, October 18, 2012

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Cheats!

The extra spooky Club Penguin 2012 Halloween party has begun! This year features a haunted mansion scavenger hunt - here's how to solve it.

Step 1. Go to the Forest and enter the Haunted Mansion.

Step 2. It's time to collect five keys. When you enter the Haunted Mansion, click on the first key.

Step 3. Click on the second key to go to the next room.

Step 4. The second key is hidden here:

Step 5. Click on the third key to go to the next room.

Step 6. The third key is hidden here:

Step 7. Click on the fourth key to go to the next room.

Step 8. The fourth key is hidden here:

Step 9. Click on the fifth key to go to the next room.

Step 10. The fifth key is hidden here:

All keys found! Click "Unlock Trunk".

Click and open the trunk.

Get the Ghost Goggles.

Now put on your Goggles, and follow the arrows to the next room. Enter the ghost door.

Gariwald (Gary's great uncle) will now give you a free background.

You're in Gariwald's lab room. Check out the catalog (there's a costume for nonmembers).

Members, enter the machine and you'll turn into a ghost!

This is your "To-Boo List". Go to all the locations it tells you and press "D" to scary some penguins!

After you've completed all locations, get your prize!

More prizes will be added October 20 and 24.

Open your playercard to switch back to a regular penguin.

Make sure to watch "Night of the Living Sled" aswell! Here is where it's showing:

Night of the Living Sled 1 - Coffee Shop
Night of the Living Sled 2 - Dance Lounge
Night of the Living Sled 3 - Lighthouse

There is much more to explore around the island. Trick or treat at the Snow Forts, tell scary stories at the Cove, pumpkin picking at the Dock, or ghost hunting at the Mansion - this is Halloween party is a win!



  1. thnx to cena thank u so much

  2. Thanx Cena but I completed this hunt myself!

  3. cool I already KNEW THAT