Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Club Penguin Team Celebrates It's Birthday!

Today is a historic day in Club Penguin history. Not only is it Club Penguin's 7th birthday, but the original Club Penguin creators meet-up online today.

Rsnail, Screenhog, and Billybob built Club Penguin way back in 2005. Rsnail and Screenhog left the company almost two years ago, and Billybob announced his departure just last week.

Today however, they all met on server Yeti and had a very rare party.

It's been year's since the original Club Penguin crew gathered together on the same server. Also at the party was Polo Field, Businessmoose, Gizmo, and other mods.

Club Penguin employees are also having their own party at the Club Penguin Canadian offices.

Was anyone online for this rare event? Comment!



  1. No, but CP is the same age as me now! :O

  2. CP is being ruined! First in like 2010 Dave and Lance left, 2/3 of the founding CP team, now Lane (the last 3rd), and then Happy? Cmon they are all irriplaceable and you guys all know it. The CP staff needs to be the way it used to be.