Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Party 2012 Sneak Peek Video!

Check out this video sneak peek of this year's Halloween party!

UPDATE: At 11 seconds, click on the skull to find a secret video!

This is the secret video starring Polo Field!

Halloween-tastic! I can't wait to become a ghost and hide out in all those new creepy rooms.

The 2012 Halloween party starts October 18, 2012.



  1. Cena i found a secret video! if u go 11 seconds into the sneak peek video and click on the left skull theres a part 2! let me know if u cant find it .ill post back as soon as possible. waddle on cena! =)

  2. yay thx for posting me cena i really apriciate it considering ive never been posted for any thing before. p.s. i heard rumers herbert will be a new mascot during november