Thursday, October 11, 2012

Herbert CONFIRMS "Operation: Blackout"!

Well, well, well, look who's now on Twitter... Herbert! You can follow him at @ClubHerbert.

And today, he tweeted that Operation: Blackout will soon be underway.

Uh oh, "Operation: Blackout" is a attack that Herbert will launch on Club Penguin, bringing the island to darkness! Penguins better prepare!

Click here to read more evidence of Operation: Blackout.



  1. I wonder when I will finally be a member so that I can do all those cool things... And now I am going nearly everyday on Club Penguin. If anyone wants to be friends with me (I like making friends, in Club Penguin OR real life.) my name is Ila 01 or I have another account which I am called Chouxes. I stay mostly in the French server because I am from Mauritius and I speak French (I am in Australia.) but sometimes I play in the English server.. :D

  2. Attention... This is an anonymous, but you might guess who it is. i have now captured Gary, and on my way of getting my next victim. So don't forget to add that too in your blog! Muhahaha!