Thursday, October 25, 2012

History of Club Penguin Video - NEW ROOMS!

Club Penguin has put together a really interesting biography video of company's history. It includes all the original founders, and tells us how it got started! Take a look:

I love these kinds of videos! Did catch the sneak peeks? They showed future Club Penguin rooms:

The new Town:

The new Gift Clothes Shop:

The new Snow Forts:

The new Plaza:

The new Pizza Parlor:

The new Dock:

The new Beach:

And Club Penguin's new logo:

According to Billybob, the updates are part of Club Penguin's "next leg of the journey" - exiting!



  1. cena i prefer the old one :L

  2. great everything except the snow forts, it looks real ugly

  3. Holly at 0:16 is Happy77 you know

  4. Im tired of Disney always changing all the rooms! They changed the coffee shop and it is so ugly! That was one of the first rooms in Club Penguin.
    and we dont even have the book room anymore! the gift shop is now full of so called models! Disney is annoying

  5. i dont like the forts aswell it looks weird and i dont like the old book room but its good for the papers for aunt artic

  6. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think that the worsest change that Disney has ever made is the snow forts.

  8. I wish that Disney would make up its mind and just leave the rooms alone. It's getting annoying!

  9. I don't want it to change changing one or two things maybe but seriously, just swap the pizza parlor and the gift shop while your at it, please don't change it that much i like club penguin the way it is. Waddle on as regular cp.

  10. Ya BUT I found a glitch one time only with the new clothes shop I GOT THE BETA HAT and red lei and the Yellow Viking halmet! OMG!