Thursday, November 15, 2012

Club Penguin Operation: Blackout cheats | Chapter 1!

Agents, your needed to save the island from Herbert! Operation: Blackout has begun!

Click on the folder to review your orders.

The mission has been divided up into 6 chapters. Right now only Chapter 1 is available.

Step 1. Click on Chapter 1. Buy the Klutzy costume. If you are a member, also buy the Herbert Costume. Then, click "Go there".

Step 2. Put on either costume and enter the secure doors.

Step 3. Your now in the air vents. Walk to the other side of the vents to go to the next room.

Step 4. Walk to the computer. Click "Yes" to access security terminal.

Step 5. Solve the puzzle. Move all the blocks to enter the key.

Congratulations! "Herbert Security Clearance 1" pin has been added to your inventory.

You've completed Chapter 1 of Operation: Blackout. The next missions will be available on:

Chapter 2 will be released on November 16.
Chapter 3 will be released on November 18.
Chapter 4 will be released on November 20.
Chapter 5 will be released on November 22.
Chapter 6 will be released on November 24.


  1. Do a post about the telecope, there is a red light!

  2. I can't Get through the Door even with my jacket on what wrong cena is it because i am not a member

  3. thank you now i found my way to the air vent with these instructions so now i can stop Herbert in opperation black out


  4. Hi Cena12121!

    I found Herbert on CP 5 minutes ago on Ascent. He doesn't look like what you might think. He also misspells things or doesn't capitalize sometimes. I guess that's because of the moderator that controls him. He's cool though. Please add me when you can.

    Waddle on Cena!

    -Agent Dfg (CP name)

  5. i dont have a folder what does that mean