Saturday, November 17, 2012

Club Penguin Operation: Blackout cheats | Chapter 2!

Mission 2 for Operation: Blackout is now ready. Here's how to solve it.

Step 1. Open your folder and go to section 2. Buy the Grappling Hook then click "Go There".

Step 2. Walk to the yellow door. It will open, enter it.

Step 3. Walk to the computer.

Step 4. Solve the puzzle. Move the blocks out the way so you could enter the key.

Congratulations! "Herbert Security Clearance 2" pin has been added to your inventory.

You've completed Chapter 2 of Operation: Blackout. The next missions will be available on:

Chapter 3 will be released on November 18.
Chapter 4 will be released on November 20.
Chapter 5 will be released on November 22.
Chapter 6 will be released on November 24.



  1. great help lot better than the other website thanks!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. i cant get in the door

  3. i can not go into the door