Friday, December 21, 2012

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Cheats!

My favorite party as begun, the 2012 Holiday party! Here all the party cheats and scoops!

Daily Holiday Gifts!
Each day from now to December 25, there will be two new items released! One for members, and the other for nonmembers.

Free "Big Cozy Chair" Background:
Go to Santa's Office (Ski Lodge) and click on the camera.

Santa Sled Ride: Free Items!
Take a ride on the Sleigh to win the free prizes! Go to the Lodge Attic, and start the sleigh. Then drop presents to land them in the igloo's chimneys.

Once you have delivered 15 presents, you will either get the Pink, Blue, or Yellow Lightbulb costume. Play the game more than once to collect all three.

Coins for Change!
Like every year, Club Penguin dividing one million dollars and giving it to three separate charities. You can help deciding how it'll be split up by voting for your cause.

The Snow Forts is this year's Coins For Change center. Take a look at the coins counter!

Enter the bakery and click on the cookie jar.

You can transform into either a toy car, reindeer puffle, or "Frost Bite"!

Head into the bakery to bake some cookies!

Exclusive party catalogs:
There are two new holiday catalogs available for this party.

The first one is at the Ski Lodge or the Bakery:

The second is at the Dock, Clothes Shop, and Forest:

This is by far the best Holiday party ever! Great job Club Penguin!



  1. Cena I think I know what the gift is on December 25th! I think its the color white because at the end of the Club Penguin TV commercial there is a white penguin right after they mention the Christmas Day present!!