Sunday, December 30, 2012

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party: Dino Playercards!

Yesterday I told you guys about the Prehistoric Party, and how penguins can transform into dinosaurs!

Today Spike Hike tweeted a sneak peek of how the playercards will look:

Oooo, they look pretty sweet!

The Prehistoric Party begins January 17.



  1. Dear Cena,

    I know you may think this is cool, and I know that. I respect that! But don't you remember old CP? How fun it was? The CP population is dropping now! Reply if you believe me! Thanks! BTW can you meet me on Jan/4 at icicle? I wanna friend you so bad!!! Thanks! -Thu man

  2. I don't believe you, sure, its a little better, but I like it the same!