Friday, January 18, 2013

CHEAT: Take a Ride on Your Pteranodon Dinosaur!

Here's a pretty cool glitch that will allow you to ride on your dinosaur!

Step 1. Wear the jetpack on your penguin. If you don't have it, wear any other item that has a special dance.

Step 2. Press "D" to activate the special dance.

Step 3. Transform into a Pteranodon (flying dino).

You are now sitting on your Pteranodon dinosaur!

Who needs a car when you can just fly on a dinosaur? LOL!



  1. It works with any outfit too! Just put the outfit dance and then transform into any dinosaur and your penguin is being taken away by the dinosaur!

  2. Hey Cena Theres A Glitch To Be A Penguin In The Air :) First, Transform into the flying dino. Then click the spot in the air you want to go and quicky press transform back to a penguin and your there :)

  3. is it working for non-members too?

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