Friday, January 18, 2013

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats!

ROAARRR! The Club Penguin Prehistoric Party has started!

Once you first log in you'll find yourself in a totally different place... prehistoric Club Penguin!

To transform into a dinosaur, you must play Dino Dig and collect eggs.

There is a total of 12 eggs that you can earn. Each egg is a different dinosaur.

If you earn all 12 eggs, make sure to get the T Rex Hoodie prize.

Party catalog: In prehistoric Club Penguin, check out the catalog stand, where you can buy items for both members and nonmembers.

Free prizes: Open your prehistoric map to play a game! Go to these rooms...

...and dance to roar. If you do this in all five rooms, you earn a prize!

There are five prizes given out on different days.

To go back to the 2013 Club Penguin island, just enter the Time Trekker.

The left door takes you to year 2013.

Have fun stomping and roaring all over the Club Penguin island! Have you seen the prehistoric iceberg? Interesting...



  1. They should have a New York party and bring 'Jessie' in!

  2. this party is not like the last one....i think everyone could agree the old clubpenguin prehistoric party was wayyy better than this one, turning into a dinosaur or not. it's just not the same the way they have clubpenguin now, in a bad way. everyone has a huge perk in thier minds about the new cp.....if they are not new, which does NOT count because....well they are newbees.

  3. Thankyou for the cheats! i managed to become a dinosaur because of u! once again,

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  5. how can i get the gray egg its to hard to find one can you help me

  6. Hey Guys .....................I'm a volunteer in CP (club penguin)...
    I will go and check the penguin's igloo.......The best igloo i will like I will send the picture of that igloo to CP .......So be prepared
    I will come to check your igloos and sometimes I will suggest you how to decorate your igloos.........My penguin's name is ( Lionpolice )

    -------Waddle on Club penguin------Lionpolice

  7. 1:Post this anywhere on the site three times.
    2:Log onto your penguin.
    3: Go on the server Blizzard.
    4: If full go on any server except the ones with Safe Chat.
    5: Type in the chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN.
    6:You will now achieve 1000,000 coins, 50 items from the treasure book, forever membership, and 5 rainbow puffles.