Friday, January 4, 2013

Club Penguin Costume Trunk Cheats January 2013: The Penguins That Time Forgot!

A new Costume Trunk catalog is out at the Stage for the new Penguins That Time Forgot (January 2013) play!

To find the Grass Skirt:

Step 1. Go to page 4.
Step 2. Click on the purple penguin's arms.

To find the background:

Step 1. Go to page 6.
Step 2. Click on the green penguin's hand.

There are no hidden item cheats, but there is still some pretty cool costumes to check out.

For more Club Penguin catalog cheats, click here.


  1. cool but rubbish items

  2. Sounds interesting. I never knew that one existed in the first place but now that I do I can finally make use of it in the future. Thanks!

  3. i like it but can u keep posting these cheats please