Friday, March 1, 2013

Beta Test the NEW Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow!

Club Penguin is now allowing us to beta test the new game, Card-Jitsu Snow before it's even released!

To beta test, go to

Remember, this is still the beta version, so you will find bugs! To report them, just click on "I Found a Bug!" and fill out the form.

You can also send your feedback to Club Penguin.

So do you like the beta version of Card-Jitsu Snow? Tell me!



  1. I really liked it! I got a tutorial about how to play, but, it's in portuguese.

  2. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!IVE BEN PlAYING IT ALL NIGHT!! My only problem is ive ben have realy bad hicups in round 2-3.
    Waddle On Cena,
    -Car Racer55