Monday, March 25, 2013

Cena12121 is on Daffodaily5's Featured Fashions!

So let's take a look at the Club Penguin What's New blog... you guys see anything special there? Oh wait, IS THAT MY PICTURE ON THE WHAT'S NEW BLOG?

Yes it is! I was featured on "Daffodaily5's Featured Fashions" for March 25! In celebration of the Puffle Party, this edition is all about color, which makes me a pretty appropriated candidate, lol.

Daffodaily5 says that my "outfit absolutely rocks! I LOVE this bright tie-dyed T-shirt. You look ace, dude!"

Congrats to the other featured penguins as well: Terasa111, Frodo144, and Cupcake27615. You're outfits are awesome!

Thanks Gooey Penguin for nominating me! You can nominate penguins by posting a comment on Daffodaily5's post, good luck!



  1. Hi Cena,
    Please add me on CP!! I'd love it if you did!! My name is Spydar007! Congrats on being on Featured Fashions, BTW!!

  2. cena12121 how you manage to be featured on Fashions

    1. I actually didn't do anything. I was nominated.

  3. add me on club penguin please? im dora pink 5. thanks :)