Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moderator Businesmoose Leaving Club Penguin!

Club Penguin is yet again loosing another staff member, as today Businesmoose announced his departure.

Since 2007, Businesmoose has been a blogger, moderator, video editor, and much more at Club Penguin. You'll be missed Moose!

You can choose who you want to replace Businessmooose on the What's New blog: Tour Guide, Ninja, Smulley, or Robo Bird.

It's kinda hard to choose when we know nothing about these people. Are you guys picking whoever's name is the coolest? lol.



  1. I think Smulley is the best for the job.

  2. No one can replace buisness moose

  3. Yeah, Businessmoose was the best

  4. Nobody will be as cool as Business Moose and nobody can replace him. I go 4 Robo bird