Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Club Penguin EPF Message: May 11, 2013!

Elite Agents: You've received a new message on your Elite Spy Phone!

It's from the Director, and they say...

"All agents - upon completion of this week's Field-Op, please take some time to enjoy the Holiday Party, and help out with Coins For Change."

Thanks for the message Director, I'll defiantly enjoy the Holiday Party and... wait, Holiday Party? It's Spring time here! There's no Holiday Party, Coins for Change, and Field-Ops have already been replaced with the new Spy Drills game!

Is this a bug? Or is it a secret message? Share your ideas in the comments!



  1. I think it is a secret message

  2. Exactly!
    Even I was wondering.
    But, I miss the Field-Ops a lot.
    They were awesome!
    Must be a secret message

  3. cena i think its a hidden message!But wait witch letters are in the hidden message? I wonder if its the words with capitals ill check it out!

  4. I think its about the snow storm

  5. i think it means about the dojo go there and its snowing right?

  6. I think it's a bug because the Coins for Change and Holiday Party was last year. They probably just accidentally released that.

  7. Its wired but i think its a mesaage about snow may 23 2013 baby cant wait!!!!!