Saturday, June 29, 2013

Club Penguin Monsters University Party & Scare Games Cheats!

RAWR! The Monster University Party has begun on the Club Penguin island! Click the scare meter button to start the Scare Games.

Here you'll find many prizes that you can buy with points.

To earn points you must compete in the scare games.

After picking your team, the Scare Games will start. Use your keys to get to the bed. Avoid the objects on the ground and keep an eye on the time.

Once you've reached the bed, you must press your spacebar once the red light hits the green zone to get the most points.

Keep playing the Scare Games to earn more points to help your team win and buy awesome prizes! Tell me how you like the party!


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  1. how do u get to do this? And where do u have to go to choose ur sorority or fraternity?