Thursday, July 25, 2013

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Party Cheats

Get ready to travel the galaxies as the Star Wars Takeover party has begun on Club Penguin!

Once you login you'll be greeted by Princess Leia (hmm, looks a lot like Cadence...).

She'll give you the quest map. Click on it to get the free Lightsaber.

You can visit three different worlds: Tatooine, Death Star (coming August 4), and Yavin 4 (coming August 8). Go to Tatooine since it's the only world open right now.

Your objective is to defeat all the Stormtroopers. Once you find a Stormtrooper, click on them.

Select a level and begin the game!

The Stormtroopers will randomly pop out behind the sand. Use your mouse to shoot snowballs at them.

Defeat all the Stormtroopers to beat the level. Then use your map to search the whole land for more Stormtroopers.

Don't forget to click on the catalog in the bottom right corner to view all the awesome items and costumes you can buy!

Come back August 1 and 8 as new worlds will be released. Have fun defeating all the Stormtroopers and traveling the galaxies!


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