Thursday, September 19, 2013

Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 Cheats - POTIONS!

The 2013 Club Penguin Medieval Party has begun! Here are all the cheats and tips you need to become an expert with potions!

Once you first login, you'll see Gary! Click on him.

Gary will tell you about Rockhopper's potion book, and that he needs your help to create new spells everyday. However there is error in one of the potion and we must fix it.

To collect the potions, open your green potion book.

Go to the Dock to get the Magic Berry.

Go to the Snow Forts to get the Fairy Dust.

Go to the Plaza to get the Ogre Snot.

Go to the Stadium to get the Lucky Horse Shoe.

Go to the Forest to get the Dragon Scale.

All potions collected! Click "Create Potion" in your book.

You have to bounce the ingredients into the bowl in the order that it tells you on the list. Kind of hard, but you'll get it.

Congratulations, you've created a potion!

Each day new potions will be added. Create all ten to earn cool prizes. Members can also transform!

Also check out the new rooms at the upstairs School, and enter the downstairs King Room from the Forest. And take a look at the new party catalog!

This party is amazing! Great graphics and way different from all other Medieval parties! What do you think?



  1. Don't forget what happens when you make a mistake! puffle chicken. :3

  2. I love this party so much! A lot of people are mad because its different but it doesn't need to be the same I mean the quests were getting so old like really.

  3. ikr fighting dragons every time ,but wizard powers that is awesome!!

  4. yea you forgot you can get a gary stamp Once you first login

  5. oh yh its anoying how u cant get the background though