Saturday, September 7, 2013

NEW Club Penguin Cove Renovated!

Most likely because of the end of the Summer Jam Party, the cove has been renovated. It now has more sitting room, a better lifeguard station, a different shack, and looks different in other aspects, as well.

That really stinks. I loved the old cove room. Now the only room in Club Penguin that hasn't been renovated is the IceBurg and a few others. What do you think of this new cove?

—Donut Man 5


  1. Hi guys. My Name is Homies Peace. I Made the switch from Club Penguin Insiders To BCPC and Im super Happy. So yeah. Also I totally hate The Cove 2 thumbs eine for me. They are totally destroying CP ! :( But I am Happy they changed The Town but not The Plaza The Dojo The Recycling Bin into CPU or The Cove!

  2. I loved the old cove room like you cna

    1. I actually made that post, not Cena. I think Club Penguin should of kept the old room. Almost all the rooms are changed from old CP. :(