Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NEW Club Penguin "Operation: Puffle" Evidence!

Last week I posted about a new golden puffle and a mission called "Operation: Puffle" (click here to read it). Today I have more evidence for these awesome events!

At the end of this "ZOMG ZOMBIE PENGUINS" video, the Operation: Puffle logo appears.

Also, did anyone see this interesting set-up at the 8th Anniversary party? It's a puffle drawing on a piece of gold... definitely hinting to a golden puffle.

Back in the Medieval Party, we saw this picture of Garianna. Do you guys see that mysterious puffle behind her? Is that a golden puffle?

Finally, if you check out Herbert's website, you can see that he's targeting something to do with puffles... clueing us to Operation: Puffle.

All these clues sure make me certain that Operation: Puffle and a new golden puffle are coming very soon.


1 comment:

  1. I would like to add that the play in November will be the "Quest for the Golden Puffle"
    Most likely, the next puffle will be the golden puffle!
    (But it would also be nice to have a grey puffle- which can be a ninja puffle to match Sensi. But maybe that puffle will be 'discovered' when the shadow ninja comes out?)
    One can only dream...