Friday, November 22, 2013

Club Penguin Operation: Puffle Mission Cheats!

Agents, there is an emergency underway as Operation: Puffle has begun! Puffles have ran to the wilderness and are under mind control. We must help G get the chips from each puffle.

This is your mission interface, use it to go to each puffle. Let's find the blue puffle together.

Go to each puffle's location then find and click them.

To rescue the puffle and collect the chip, you have to play a game called Puffle Chase.

HOW TO PLAY: Once your penguin is going down a hill, press the down arrow so it can slide and gain speed. Do not slide when your penguin is going up a hill because you will loose speed and catch less puffles.

Hurray, puffle caught! You will earn some coins and a piece of equipment to collect.

Now you need to catch all ten different colored puffles to complete the mission. Each day a new puffle is released for you to save.

By November 30 we will have been able to collect all puffles to do the final mission... I wonder what it is.

Also, check out the exclusive new catalog at the EPF camp area (accessed from the Ski Village).

To find the Klutzy Disguise, click on the Penguin Brain Box.

To find the Herbert Disguise, click on the G-Tech Glasses.

To find the Sleek Shades, click on the Mysterious wig.

I really like this mission! Have you gone sailing through the river? I wonder if it's going to be apart of the final mission.



  1. Were Do i Find The Blue Puffle?

    1. go to the ski village, then go through the entrance you see the blue puffle. Or go to the Mission thing next to the Report badge click blue puffle. click the location see a hole and click it. DONE

  2. hey everybody if u go to club herbet u will see a few puffles with the mind controlling devices and gold all ove and a #1 gold digger cup on the table. so it seems herbet is behind this