Sunday, December 1, 2013

Operation: Puffle FINAL Mission: Destroy Herbert!

Once you've collect all 10 puffle chips for Operation: Puffle, you can help stop Herbert! You'll receive this message from Gary.

He'll send you to Herbert's Lair. Enter the room...

Uh-oh! Herbert has trapped you in a ring of fire!

We must escape! Click on air vent to break it, then walk inside.

Walk through the ventilation system and to enter Herbert's Lair.

We're in! Click on Herbert's mind-control machine.

Place the colored chips in their correct slots, then press the red button.

Congratulations! You've freed all of the puffles!

Check out this message from the Director. Get your free trophy and coins!

Operation: Puffle has been complete! But Herbert is still out there...


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  1. Cena12121, I just want to ask you, how did you make the widgets didn't scroll with page? Please help me :( Thank you.. btw, I love your blog! :D