Sunday, January 26, 2014

Club Penguin Blog: #MeggTakeover Windup

Megg has posted yet again on the Club Penguin Blog for her #MeggTakeover! She says she's loved working with the Club Penguin community and seeing how great all of us are! Today is the final day to submit the hoodies, have you submitted one yet? I submitted two that I made online. Hopefully we’ll get an awesome new hoodies for member and non member penguins to wear around the island and remember the #MeggTakeover.

I love the hoodie Megg designed! And if thats just one of the thousands of hoodies submitted, you know there are probably even better ones! I’m a little disappointed that the Megg Takeover is coming to an end, but I’m glad to have Spike Hike back! Did you go to the last MeggTakeover party today, on sleet?

–Formal Dude

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