Friday, January 3, 2014

Club Penguin Members January 2014 Events!

Club Penguin has updated their Membership page for January 2014, revealing some sweet events for members this month.

Buy Caveguin Styles: OOGA BOOGA! Starting Jan. 9, check out fashions fit for the Prehistoric Party!

Transform into Dinos: Roar, stomp, and fly at the Prehistoric Party Jan. 23-Feb. 4!

Limited Time Dino Puffles: COLLECT and KEEP 6 rare dino puffles—get them Jan. 23-Feb. 4.

Dino puffles seem to be the coolest thing on that list! And if you're not a member, don't worry too much, we might have a little surprise ourselves later this month...



  1. I hope we could still get dino puffles after the party! Too bad that it says that it is for LIMITED TIME.They look cool and I think they will be able to be adopt even after the party just like the rainbow and gold puffles. And if they are only available in the past, maybe the pet shop would have a time machine to travel back to adopt them!

    1. It looks like the dino puffles will be open for adoption only during the Prehistoric party. And yes... I see what your saying, a time machine feature sounds very likely! Nice theory buddy!

  2. Get on Zipline right now!!!!