Thursday, February 20, 2014

Club Penguin Fair Party 2014 Guide & Cheats!

The Club Penguin Fair has arrived, bringing tons of fun games and cheats! This Fair has more prizes then ever before, with new prizes getting unlocked every couple days. Here are some tips to make this Fair your best experience.

When you first log in to Club Penguin, Rookie will be there to greet you.

Go to the Fair Amazement Park by clicking the Dock on your map, and then waddle on in. Make sure to collect has many tickets as possible so you can win prizes.

Click the ticket button in the top right corner to check out all the prizes and buy them with your tickets. Most prizes are for members, but there are still prizes for everyone at the bottom.

You can go to the daily spin (located at the Fair park, or in the ticket options) to spin for a chance to win items, coins or silver tickets. Silver tickets get you 1,000 coins!

Members can decorate their igloos and play games from the Fair Amazement Park there! Pretty cool, this is the first time Club Penguin has ever done that.

You can meet the Penguin Band daily right in the middle of the Fair amazement park. You earn their stamp and get to collect their background!

This Fair looks awesome. Along with all the stuff above, you'll also have the chance to meet Rookie! Make sure to keep coming back to Best Club Penguin Cheats for all the updates on the Fair. And you'll have to let me know in the comments what your favorite Fair prize is!

—Formal Dude

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  1. The fair is for now the most awesome party of this year! A lot of cool prizes ,three new puffle hats, rather cool attraction rides, and the "long lost" Penguin Band returned! I thought that the Penguin band would also waddle around the island and we would be able to friend them but having them on stage like "Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam" is good enough. Also, able to get their background by clicking them on stage saves the trouble of finding them, so welcome back Penguin Band!