Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Club Penguin Pufflescape Tips From Daffodaily5!

Daffodaily5, from the Club Penguin team, is sharing her tips and tricks for the Pufflescape game that we can now play in the Club Penguin app.

  • Hold down the arrow keys to build up speed and momentum for your puffle
  • Use the opposite arrow key as a brake or to slow you down
  • Tap the keys lightly if you only need to move your puffle a little bit
  • Click the symbol in the top left hand corner to show a diagram with directions
  • If you can’t work out a solution, try swapping bits of scenery around – there might be another way!
  • Don’t worry about making a mistake and restarting – your puffle is as patient as you are!
Thanks Daffodaily5's for sharing your Pufflescape tips, I hope it helps many of you while playing this very fun game!


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