Sunday, March 16, 2014

3 Classic Club Penguin Outfits for Your Penguin!

Club Penguin outfits

With all the clothing items on Club Penguin, how in the world are you going to decide what to wear? I can't tell you exactly, but I can give you a great start. Here are three outfits your penguin must have.

Beach Outfit
Who doesn't want to hang out at the cove? It can be one of the funnest places on Club Penguin, and it all starts with that awesome beach outfit. For boys, I recommend a cool hairstyle with sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, surfboard and sandals. For girls, the same thing in different colors.

Winter Outfit
The Club Penguin island is covered in snow all year round, and you want to keep your penguin warm but sometimes you forget about the style! When making a winter outfit, keep in mind that you want to be warm but fashionable, something you can do by matching the colors of the items.

Fancy Outfit
And last but certainly not least, a fancy outfit for all the formal events you attend, like the Penguin Play Awards or a red carpet igloo party. For your fancy outfit you should have a tuxedo or dress, with several accessories like watches or necklaces.

I hope this post helps you decide what to wear around the island. And for the non member penguins, I suggest being as creative as possible with the limited amount of items you have.

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—Formal Dude

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