Monday, April 7, 2014

EXCLUSIVE 2014 Puffle Party Details: Teach Tricks to Cat & Dog Puffles, PH Confirmed, and More!

Today Best Club Penguin Cheats got an exclusive email from a source close to Disney giving us exclusive details about the Puffle Party and the soon to be released, Dog and Cat Puffles.

Here's what we can tell you with these new exclusive details.

Dog & Cat Puffles
In the email, the new puffles are described as a "loveable orange tabby cat puffle and beautifully blue Border collie dog puffle," giving us a better look at the puffles characters.

Meet P.H. the Puffle Handler
PH, the Puffle Handler, will appearing at the party to teach us how to train our puffles tricks.

Puffle Tricks
We will be able to teach our puffles a total of seven different tricks: speak, jump, nuzzle, stand on head, roll, spin and dig on command.

Puffle Gala
The Puffle Gala will be a event held during the last week of the Puffle Party. We will have the opportunity to perform new choreographed tricks with our Dog and Cat Puffles as part of the Puffle Gala.

Puffle "Pop-Up" Areas
According to the exclusive email, there will be never before seen "pop-up" areas around the island. These areas are made for our pet puffles, including a Bakery, Waterpark, Zoo, Nature Reserve, Vet, Agility Course, Puffle Salon and a Grooming Parlour for us and our puffles to enjoy.

Prizes & Free Items
The email tells us to expect "puffle themed prizes" for "everyone", so members and nonmembers can possibly see some cool free items during the Puffle Party.

Now that's some awesome exclusive information! I can't wait to teach my pet puffles new tricks!



  1. Wow! You shoud show this to cp memories, saraapril, cp space etc popular blogs(though i enjoy yours) so everyone knows and then your bolg coud be very popular!
    -Magnetoflash, a future cp blogger

  2. Hello, Cena.. I was wondering if you could give some hints on who you contacted to give you this information.. thanks..

  3. Wow, cool! This Puffle Party will never be like before! WADDLE ON!