Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Club Penguin Ice Fishing Cheats

Club Penguin Ice Fishing cheats

Ice Fishing is a simple but very fun game that you can play on Club Penguin. The point of the game is to catch fishes while avoiding objects that can make you lose the fish. Here are Ice Fishing cheats and tips to help you catch the most fish... and even the gigantic Mullet!

Where is the Ice Fishing game?

Club Penguin Ice Fishing Ski Lodge

You can play Ice Fishing by going to the Ski Lodge, which is located in the Ski Village. In the Ski Lodge, click on the door to start the game.

How do I play Ice Fishing?

Club Penguin Ice Fishing coins cheat
  • You only need your mouse to control the fishing hook.
  • Once you catch a fish, bring it up and click your mouse to release it into your bucket.
  • Avoid crabs, jelly fishes, sharks, and floating objects.
  • Catching a yellow fish earns you 4 coins, grey fishes are worth 8 coins, the Mullet gives you 100 coins, and getting a worm adds you a life.

SECRET CHEAT: Catching the big Mullet

Club Penguin Ice Fishing catch the Mullet cheat
  • If you make it to the end of the Ice Fishing game, you will see the big Mullet fish.
  • You cannot catch this fish with normal worm bait. Instead, you need to hook a yellow fish on your line and keep on there so the Mullet will eat it.
  • TIP: When you see the Mullet shadow, it is a clue that you must save your yellow fish.

SECRET CHEAT: Catching the Grey Fish

Club Penguin Ice Fishing Grey Fish cheats
  • Did you know you can catch Grey Fishes in Ice Fishing? To do this, you must buy the "Flashing Lure Fishing Rod" from the Game Upgrades catalog located in the Ski Lodge.
  • You must wear it on your penguin before starting the game.
  • The Grey Fishes are a little harder to catch because they are fast, but aim your hook correctly and you'll score them!

Now you can go out there and enjoy a good ol' game of Ice Fishing! Good luck scoring the big Mullet!



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