Friday, June 27, 2014

Free Club Penguin Membership Giveaway Contest!

Free Club Penguin Membership Giveaway

Just like I announced a couple days ago, will be holding a free Club Penguin membership giveaway! Now here's your chance to enter the sweepstakes where one lucky penguin will win a free one month membership!

To enter the membership giveaway, just use the box below. Directions:

  • Each point (total of 8) gives you an entry into the sweepstakes.
  • Earn 3 Points: by entering your penguin name (1 point), follow me on Twitter (1 point) and like us on Facebook (1 point).
  • Earn 5 BONUS Points: by using the tweet entry method. You can do this each day and earn 5 points daily to increase your chances of winning!
  • For "name" please use your Club Penguin username.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are having trouble submitting the "Tweet about the giveaway" entry method:

Step 1. Click the tweet button.

Step 2. Tweet the already filled message.

Step 3. Click "View on Twitter" to see the message you just posted.

Step 4. Copy the URL address of that page.

Step 5. Paste the URL into the submission box and press enter.

Post a comment if you have any other questions and I'll help you out.

Remember, you can earn 5 extra points each day by using the tweet option and submitting a link to your tweet in the box above (PS: using the link for the same tweet and submitting it each day will not be counted). More points = higher chance of winning. So visit everyday!

The contest ends midnight on Sunday, July 6, 2014, and the randomly chosen winner will be contacted the following day. Best of luck penguins!



  1. But, I don't have a Twitter and Facebook account.

    1. Sajo8

    1. I'm sorry Sago8, but you'll need to have one to enter this contest. Signing up is pretty easy. Or you can wait for next month's contest, which will not require you to have one. :)

    2. I would enter exept I am already a member

  2. Hey, Cena12121 I think i know a cheat way to totally win.
    first do all the stuff then just the daily thing to get a free membership.

  3. Hey Cena12121 i do all of entries today

    1. Great! That will increase your chances of winning! Good luck!

  4. HMMN i have no twitter account so sad right cena ?

  5. How do you get free membership

  6. my name is Demestic9

  7. my username is Demestic9

  8. name is Demestic9