Friday, July 4, 2014

Club Penguin Hydro Hopper Cheats, Tips & Secrets!

Club Penguin Hydro Hopper cheats

Hydro Hopper is a real classic game on Club Penguin since it is the oldest game created for the island! The goal is to cable ski behind the boat without colliding with objects!

Where is the Hydro Hopper game?

Club Penguin Hydro Hopper cheats Dock

You can play Hydro Hopper by going to the Dock. In the Dock, click on the boat to start the game.

How do I play Hydro Hopper?

Club Penguin Hydro Hopper directions
  • Simply move your mouse to navigate, and click to jump.
  • Remember that buoys cannot be jumped over.

TIPS: Collecting the most coins in Hydro Hopper

Club Penguin Hydro Hopper life ring tips
  • Jump over multiple objects at the same time to earn more coins.
  • Collect life rings to regain lost lives.
  • Play Hydro Hopper with the secret wakeboard.

SECRET: Play Hydro Hopper with Wakeboards!

Club Penguin Hydro Hopper wakeboard cheats
  • Members can use wakeboards instead of tubes to play the game.
  • At the Dock, open the Game Upgrades catalog, buy a wakeboard, wear it on your penguin then start the game.
    Club Penguin Hydro Hopper Game Upgrades cheats

Hydro Hopper Fun Facts:

Club Penguin Hydro Hopper fun facts
  • Hydro Hopper was previously called "Ballistic Biscuit" before it was renamed in 2007 in a poll which players voted for.
  • Hydro Hopper was the first game on Club Penguin, and was the first place to earn coins!
  • Hydro Hopper was first seen on Rocketsnail Games (the creator of Club Penguin) before making its debut to the island.

Hydro Hopper may be a simple game, but it sure does have a long history!



  1. hey cane12121 try to go to the stadium its still the same as the penguin cup party!!!

  2. Interesting post, I love learning about CP history!

  3. That isn't really a cheat, just how to play.

  4. How do u get the secret wakeboard? -Molly98987