Sunday, July 6, 2014

Club Penguin Puffle Roundup Cheats, Tips, & Secrets!

Club Penguin Puffle Roundup Cheats

Puffle Roundup is a great Club Penguin game for all puffle lovers! The goal is to collect all the puffles from the wilderness without loosing any!

Where is the Puffle Roundup game?

Club Penguin Puffle Roundup Park Cheats

You can play Puffle Roundup by going to the Puffle Park. In the Park, click on the sign entrance to start the game.

How do I play Puffle Roundup?

Club Penguin Puffle Roundup Directions
  • Simply use you mouse to guide the puffles into the pen.
  • The faster you do this, the more coins you earn.

TIPS: Collecting the most coins in Puffle Roundup

Club Penguin Puffle Roundup Coin Cheats
  • Herd the puffles into a group, then guide them into the pen togethor.
  • The smaller your screen is, the faster you can move your mouse.
  • The blue, white, and pink puffles need special attention since they are the slowest.

Puffle Roundup is one of the games that gives you the most coins! My record is 7,376 coins! Have you scored higher than me?