Monday, July 7, 2014

Free Club Penguin Membership Giveaway WINNER!

Free Club Penguin Membership Giveaway WINNER's free Club Penguin membership giveaway contest for June-July 2014 is now officially closed! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, there where over 1,600 entries!
Congratulations to Jesse R.
...who won the free 1 month Club Penguin membership. The winner was randomly selected and has happily claimed their prize.

IF YOU DIDN'T WIN... we have another chance for you! I'm happy to announce that we're having a surprise bonus giveaway starting very soon (today or tomorrow)! Please check back later for more info!


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  1. HEY GUYS! I THINK I FOUND A GLITCH! first i was at a iggy i think i was in it for nearly 10 minutes and went to the town and whent to the coffee shop and the music went funny! it uses more mararcas and to me its weird!