Thursday, July 10, 2014

Club Penguin "Best Day Ever" Music Video - SNOWMAN PUFFLE FOUND!

Club Penguin has launched a brand new music video for the song "Best Day Ever" by Cadence and the Penguin Band! The video showcases the fun of making music and dancing with friends on Club Penguin!

BUT HEY! Did anyone catch the sneak peek? In the video you can see a Snowman Puffle!

Club Penguin Frozen Snowman Puffles

This Snowman Puffle looks a lot like Olaf the Snowman, from the Disney movie Frozen!

Club Penguin Frozen Snowman Puffles

So this confirms that we'll be able to adopt Snowman Puffles at a Frozen Takeover party, happening soon on Club Penguin! EXCITING!



  1. wow! i didn't see that on my first ever listing to the song! even tho i don't like frozen (i only saw that snowman thingy on tv ONCE and he thoght the moose wanted to eat his nose and the moose actually have it to him!)

  2. If any of you coudn't find it is